Petrochemical News is part of the Energy News Corporation (which also incorporates 20 x energy related websites and social media networks with a readership already exceeding 500,000) recently founded in 2015 by Oil and Gas industry veteran, guru and all round nice guy – P E Parham with his thirty years’ Contract Management experience in the international Oil and Gas Refining and Petrochemical industries and having held many senior consultancy project positions around the globe with Total, BG Group, Shell, BP, Foster Wheeler, Bechtel, Mustang Engineering/Wood Group Halliburton, KBR. His vast industry knowledge and insights combined with his extended network and proprietary news gathering and aggregating technologies enable Petrochemical News and The Energy News Corporation to provide the latest and greatest ‘as it happens’ news and views all in one place and delivered directly to you for free to your laptop, IPad and smartphone.